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Lordsett White Track Back To Linmoor                    Wilmio's Evidence Of Glory 
Höfter: A Höfter: A
Ögon: Ua Ögon: Ua 
Meriter: CIE, DK JV-12, HR CH, NORD JV-12, NORD UCH    Meriter: SE U(U)CH


Wilmio's I Live For The Applause "Iris"  Lever/vit  HD:A  CERT 
Wilmio's It Should Be Easy "Izor"  Lever/vit  HD:A   
Wilmio's It Started With A Kiss "Isak"  Lever/vit    CK 
Wilmio's I Won't Back Down "Ivan"  Lever/vit     
Wilmio's I'Ll Set Fire To The Rain "Lennart" Lever/vit     
Wilmio's I Like It Like That "Hugo" Lever/vit  HD:A  CERT BIM